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Château Bellevue

In July 2015, we acquired 7 ha of a new vineyard “Château Bellevue”, AOC Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux in the Gallo-Roman village of Plassac on the right bank along the Gironde River. It is a property on clayey limestone soils, on a south-facing slope in the commune of Plassac, where there is a Gallo-Roman villa.

We have aged the wine from this vineyard for 12 years in 140-liter clay “amphorae” hand-turned in the south of France in the workshops of Terre d’Autan in Castelnaudary.

The choice of this maturation is the love of clay pottery that was transmitted to us by our mother, the natural origin of the material and the neutrality of the clay that respects the purity of the fruit and the expression of the terroir and finally an extremely natural maturation and without any “violence”.

The jars are ovoid (egg-shaped) and without angles that favor the so-called “Brownian” movement, i.e. the movement of particles in a fluid: the lees are thus put back into suspension spontaneously in the form of a vortex, eliminating any need for stirring. The wine is matured slowly and for a long time, resulting in incomparable silkiness of the tannins, even with powerful Merlot.

Tasting notes

Beautiful deep ruby color. The rich, airy nose reflects an impressive intensity. The aromas of black fruits, blackberry and blackcurrant, and red fruits, such as cherry and raspberry, are harmoniously bly.ended. In the mouth, the attack is frank and powerful. The second half of the mouth is full of fruit with a smooth texture. All the expression of the terroir is gathered in this cuvée with a deep mineralit

12 months in Amphorae :

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